You can read Wall Street Journal while getting Weather alerts on Google Glass

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Google(s goog) Glass excels at providing timely information without being overly disruptive. The wearable computer gained a few new apps to assist with that information on Wednesday, including the Wall Street Journal, Weather alerts, and Winkfeed; an RSS reader for getting new posts from your favorite websites.

These new Glassware apps, available in the MyGlass companion software for Glass, join other previously available news apps The New York Times and CNN. Like those, the new Wall Street Journal app will update you with top stories which can be read aloud by Glass. The new Weather alert feature offers 120 custom options so you can receive a heads up for specific weather events for your area.


The Winkfeed app has an interesting feature: Aside from reading a blog post from your RSS subscription feeds, you can use the Glass app to save a story to Pocket and read it later in full on a smartphone, tablet or browser.

Google’s $1,500 Glass is still out of reach for most consumers; the number of available units is still very limited as well. However, as Google pushes for a potential customer launch in 2014, it seems to me that big media outlets and content providers are getting their apps together in advance of the actual product launch. That doesn’t guarantee Glass will be a consumer success of course, but it’s interesting to see which companies are placing their bets on Google’s wearable computer just in case.

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