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Hulu in 2013: $1 billion in revenue, 5 million subscribers in 2013

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Hulu released a blog post detailing its year-end review of performance in 2013, and it’s turned out to be a successful one for the media streaming company.

By the end of 2013, Hulu will reach $1 billion in revenue, up from $700 million in 2012. The company has also seen a surge in paying subscribers for Hulu Plus, shooting up from more than 3 million last year to 5 million by the end of this year.

Hulu 2013 Revenue

While Hulu has been successful in working with streaming devices like Google’s (S GOOG) Chromecast, the company has also managed to forge stronger partnerships with next-generation gaming consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s clearly serving a demand, as the company reports that more than half of its Hulu Plus users access content on streaming devices. And those users stayed with Hulu for long sessions — the company reports that users streamed more than 1 billion videos each quarter.

Hulu’s success comes at a time when video streaming is just hitting its stride. The company’s deals with networks as well as its production of original content means that cord-cutting and committing to streaming are becoming a more viable option than ever. But 2014 will be a test — especially as cable companies like Time Warner attempt to bring users back into cable’s fold.

3 Responses to “Hulu in 2013: $1 billion in revenue, 5 million subscribers in 2013”

  1. Dave Lindhout

    Cable cutter here, and a Math major, so excuse the boring analysis. A billion dollars in revenue, 5 million subs, 8 bucks a month. Hulu Plus makes $100/year in subscriber fees, $100/year in advertising revenue, roughly. My advice to Hulu is to create a Hulu++ product that provides current season TV, commercial free, at $16.67/month. Beats what I used to pay Comcast.

    I cancelled Hulu Plus, moved to Netflix. Hulu Plus went from 2 minute breaks. Unacceptable, for me. When cable/broadcast TV went to 3 minute breaks, their product became unwatchable. Netflix UI is inferior to Hulu, but Hulu’s commercials became unbearable.

    Netflix is currently my streaming solution for the living room. I now watch current TV on free Hulu, on my computer. I spend commercial breaks reading articles like this. Note to advertisers: I will watch one ad during a break, not 3-5. While I find Netflix an inferior product, commercial free is pretty compelling.

    p.s. Since cutting the cable cord, I’ve never watched so much television (not necessarily a good thing.)

    • Dave Lindhout

      Apparently Gigaom takes HTML tags seriously. In my second paragraph, I meant to say, “Hulu Plus went from less than 1 minute breaks to more than 2 minute breaks.”

      Sorry, and so should Gigaom be.

    • If the Hulu show is on CW or CBS … they can be watched without commercials. ;)

      For other shows, during a commercial, i watch 2nd hulu video. When the 1st’s commercials end, I pause it. When the 2nd goes to commercial …

      Sometimes i read during commercials too.