You can now play the original Tomb Raider game on your iOS device


Credit: Apple

Get ready to take a trip back in time. Long before the 2013 reboot, before the 2010 Lara Croft spin-off series, even before the awful 2001 live action film starring Angelina Jolie. Get ready to go back to 1996, when the very first Tomb Raider game made its debut on the Sony(s sne) PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PC. That’s because the original Tomb Raider is now available for iOS devices, and the entire game only costs $0.99 to download.

Published by developer Square Enix, Tomb Raider I promises to give you the “full, unedited, unadulterated experience.” If you’ve never played through the original adventure, you’ll discover that much has changed over time. Pretty much the scariest thing in the first go-round was all that pixelation. But I imagine the gameplay hasn’t diminished. It might be a little hard to control on a touch screen, though luckily the game supports controllers like the new Logitech PowerShell or the Moga Ace Power.

And bonus: You get two extra chapters that were included when the game was released in 1998, which should make for about 15 hours of gameplay. You can play the game on an iPhone, iPad or iPad touch as long as you’re running iOS 7 or above.


Jim Jefferies

The tomb raider movie was awesome though I was 10 when it was released. Your opinion means nothing to me now Alex NOTHING.

Alex Colon

The critics agree! This film is currently very rotten on Rotten Tomatoes (19%).

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