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Watch: Apple’s heartwarming new Christmas ad

I hope you’re ready for some holiday cheer – of the Charlie Brown sort, that is. Apple’s(s aapl) latest holiday ad hits all the right notes, putting you in the Christmas spirit and making you a little misty eyed at the same time. It might even help put some new iPhones and Apple TVs under the tree next week.

There’s a bit of a twist here, so I won’t give it way, but suffice to say the teenage boy glued to his phone is far more thoughtful than I was at his age. The art direction and music are pitch perfect (even if the version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas used here isn’t the Judy Garland original), and as my colleague Kevin Tofel pointed out to me, this might be the first Apple video that shows a true first person perspective at times, à la Google(s goog) Glass.

It’s a worthwhile clip, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas or like Apple. I’m pretty sure my heart grew two sizes while watching it.

4 Responses to “Watch: Apple’s heartwarming new Christmas ad”

  1. Not heart warming. Instead of living the moments, the kid was missing out and just taking videos. How can the kid really enjoy Christmas by just taking videos, this is too lonely. Not only for apple but for any electronics. The ad missed the true meaning of spending time with the family and love ones.

    • Prasad Tiruvalluri

      I agree. I never saw a footage of him being happy.. always looks disengaged in all the frames and suddenly he gets this? Maybe it is good but it is illogical

  2. Duane Toler

    AGH!! NSFW!! :) Either that or I have a lot of dust in the air here that keeps “getting in my eyes.” Yeah that’s it.. the air is really dry…

    This is an amazing video. I love it!

    (now i gotta go dry my eyes. i can’t see my screen anymore…)