Watch: Apple’s heartwarming new Christmas ad

Apple holiday ad

I hope you’re ready for some holiday cheer – of the Charlie Brown sort, that is. Apple’s latest holiday ad hits all the right notes, putting you in the Christmas spirit and making you a little misty eyed at the same time. It might even help put some new iPhones and Apple TVs under the tree next week.


There’s a bit of a twist here, so I won’t give it way, but suffice to say the teenage boy glued to his phone is far more thoughtful than I was at his age. The art direction and music are pitch perfect (even if the version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas used here isn’t the Judy Garland original), and as my colleague Kevin Tofel pointed out to me, this might be the first Apple video that shows a true first person perspective at times, à la Google Glass.

It’s a worthwhile clip, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas or like Apple. I’m pretty sure my heart grew two sizes while watching it.


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