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Roku finally gets a YouTube channel, implements DIAL

Roku closed a big gap in its channel line-up Tuesday by finally adding a YouTube channel. The channel will initially just be available on the Roku 3, but a YouTube (S GOOG) spokesperson told me that the company hopes to bring it to other Roku devices in 2014.

Roku’s new YouTube channel uses the video service’s familiar HTML UI that you’ll find on many other devices as well, and the app also comes with YouTube’s “send to TV” feature, which means that Roku has now followed up on an earlier announcement and implemented DIAL, a multiscreen protocol that has been jointly developed  by Netflix (S NFLX) and YouTube.

This is the first time Roku has had an official YouTube channel. The device launched just with Netflix support in 2008, and an independent developer added an unofficial YouTube channel at some point, but Google forced Roku to shut down that channel in 2011. However, earlier this summer, a survey suggested that Roku was getting ready to finally add YouTube.

8 Responses to “Roku finally gets a YouTube channel, implements DIAL”

  1. Vicky Davis

    so can I get youtube on the roku LT I thought it was on there let me know how to do it? I don’t want to do all that computer and phone connections just want to watch my tv what channel do I go to?

  2. This is great! I have four Rokus (but only one Roku 3) and on Apple TV. One (but not the only) reasons I bought the Apple TV was for YouTube. I watch it a lot. There is a ton of great content on YouTube which you can’t find elsewhere, music videos, TV shows, documentaries, etc. I hope it works as well on the Roku as it does on Apple TV.

    Roku has really made some serious strides this year, adding some top notch channels and improving its hardware. 2014 should be an interesting year for TV, both the old guard and the new wave.