iPhone 5s rounds out this year’s top 3 Google searches, Galaxy S4 and PlayStation 4 make top 10

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Credit: Google

This year was a big one for gadgets, at least according to Google’s top 10 global trending searches for 2013. Apple’s(s aapl) iPhone 5s came in at number three, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony(s sne) PlayStation 4 came in at numbers eight and nine, respectively.

As Google puts it, the rest of the list is rounded out primarily by “heroes” and “tragedies.” The top two searches for the year, for instance – Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker – are two notable public figures that recently died. To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure who Cory Monteith, the fourth most popular entry, was, until I Googled him just now and learned that he’s the actor from the television series Glee that passed away this summer.

Thankfully, a little levity enters the list with entry number five – the Harlem Shake. And come to think about it, with the way that it seemed to dominate my social media feeds for weeks, if not months, I’m a little surprised it doesn’t rank higher.

The full list of top 10 global trending searches is below, and you can find more detailed breakdowns in Google’s annual Year-End Zeitgeist report here.

  1.  Nelson Mandela
  2. Paul Walker
  3. iPhone 5s
  4. Cory Monteith
  5. Harlem Shake
  6. Boston Marathon
  7. Royal Baby
  8. Samsung Galaxy s4
  9. PlayStation 4
  10. North Korea

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