The Internet is unhappy with 60 Minutes’ NSA piece


The 60 Minutes’ report on the NSA last night (available here) promised a hard-hitting look, but many called it a “puff piece,” according to a Storify of reactions from journalists built by Circa’s Anthony De Rosa. Of course, Glenn Greenwald chimed in, wondering why reporter John Miller didn’t ask about how Gen. Keith Alexander “routinely lied to Congress & FISA courts.” Miller said in a CBS piece that he “asked the hardest questions we could ask,” but his discrediting of Snowden as a “20-something-year-old high school dropout” doesn’t do well to assuage accusations of bending to the NSA’s will.



So much for an independent press. The reporter, as others have noted here, worked for LAPD and in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; talk about the fox guarding the hen house. More specifically, he headed up the Counterterrorism and Criminal Intelligence for the LAPD.

Also note that the “60 Minutes” piece had neither interviewed anybody or otherwise represented any of the views of the ACLU, EFF, EPIC, etc.

What a white-wash. As others have lamented, “60 Minutes” had lost some credibility here; a lot of blame goes to the editors and producers – John Miller was just doing what came naturally to him.


Talk about the fox guarding the hen house: he headed up the the Counterterrorism and Criminal Intelligence.

Also note there was Zero representatives from the ACLU, EPIC, EFF, etc.

I second Josey’s views that “60 Minutes” loses with this one.

Lauren Hockenson

Thanks for pointing this out! The link should work properly now.

Nikohl Vandel

lol … the “internet” is unhappy? that’s just a funny concept.
as for the users on the internet *deep breath* no one really cares because they have to accept the internet how it is — which is, how its always been. A supply-side industry in a supply-side economy.

As for those that can really make a difference in the ethics of all of this, most of them are playing the Federal Reserve Debt Note game and have no reason to change anything — just like every other industry. The 60 Minutes episode, as that show usually reveals, to really change anything, an #ethicalrenaissance is needed.

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