Leaked image shows curved LG G Flex heading to Sprint

When I spent some time with the LG G Flex last week, I approached it under the assumption that we’d never be seeing the Korean smartphone in the United States. But it looks like it might make an appearance after all, according to an image from insider @evleaks that shows the phone on Sprint(s s).

G Flex Sprint

As you can see, there’s no actual Sprint branding on the device, but the carrier name appears on the bottom of the screen, and that telltale spinning star in the status bar shows that it’s running on Sprint’s new Spark network. Last month @evleaks said that the phone would be making its way to AT&T(s t) and T-Mobile(s tmus) as well, but only time will tell. I imagine we’ll likely be hearing more information soon at CES if this is the case.

Quite frankly, though, I’m a little surprised that the G Flex would be making its ways stateside in its current form. Although I found a lot to like about the phone, between its 6-inch form factor, curved design and other little oddities (like a coating on the phone that heals itself after being scratched), I expected some of these ideas—the curve and the coating—to show up in a design that’s a little more pocket-friendly. Maybe something like a G Flex Mini? I wouldn’t rule that out in the future, but it looks U.S. customers might be seeing the phone in its full “phablet” glory first.