HP’s Omni 10 Windows tablet arrives for $399 but without keyboard


After a September announcement with an expected November launch, the HP(s hpq) Omni 10 is finally available in December. The Windows 8.1 tablet costs $399 direct from the Microsoft Store and as of Monday shows as in stock, per Liliputing. The tablet retails for $50 more than the Asus Transformer T100 I recently purchased to try a hybrid tablet / laptop, but it does offer some better hardware. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a keyboard like the T100 does.

So what do you get for the $50 premium? Instead of the 1366 x 768 resolution panel of the T100, the Omni 10 crams a high-resolution 1920 x 1200 display into the tablet. It also has a slightly faster Intel(s intc) Atom (BayTrail) processor, the Z3770 running at 1.46 GHz. HP says you can expect around 8.5 hours of battery life on the Omni 10, which is comparable to other slates in this price range. Like the T100, HP’s tablet includes 2 GB of memory and 32 GB of storage.

HP Omni 10

The unfortunate part is that HP doesn’t have a keyboard accessory for the Omni 10. After using the T100 for a bit and having replaced that with a Surface Pro 2, that’s not an ideal situation. You can definitely use a Windows(s msft) tablet without a keyboard and trackpad, but I think the experience is optimal with them. HP’s tablet does support Bluetooth, which at least gives you to the option to add a wireless keyboard and/or a mouse.


Frank Fulmer

I dont own a windows tablet. I am thinking of getting one tho and price and feature wise this looks like it could meet my needs. I cant really type and tablets with their little bity key boards are difficult. What I am wondering is, I use Dragon Naturally Speaking on my desk top and it works very well for me, since t his is a Windows tab, wouldnt Dragon work on this devise? Does any one know?
Thank you,
Frank Fulmer

Konstantin Cibenko

very good tablet,i got my on friday for £349 in uk.work well.ideal for gamimg,impressive performance.for that price is a beast


Picked one of these tablets up at Office Depot last week on sale for $349. Paired it up with a Logitech bluetooth keyboard with no problem. I didn’t miss the lack of a keyboard connection at all. It works great as a primary device, since it’s full Windows 8.1 and not RT. The tablet is quick and very responsive. The higher resolution display is great for video and provides sufficient viewing room for any application.


Picked one of these tablets up at Office Depot for $349 on sale. Works great as a primary device being a full Windows 8.1 device and not RT. The tablet is quick and responsive and pairing with a bluetooth keyboard was no problem.


If think of this as a companion device, it makes more sense. If you use this to check email or send pictures, like an android tablet or an Ipad it could work, but I think everyone will try to make this a primary device.


Yea…I like that it has 3770 bay trail and 16:10 shape which is better for tablet use compared to more rectangular Venue 11…but just 32g hard drive and no keyboard puts it at a disadvantage.

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