The touchable web is still just out of reach on my makeshift Chrome OS tablet


Mobile devices might now account for 20 percent of global web usage, but the experience on a tablet can still be frustrating. I found that out with an ongoing experiment to create my own Chrome OS slate using readily available devices. Using an Asus Transformer T100, for example, I can get the Chrome OS(s goog) look and feel on a 10.1-inch Windows 8 tablet. And there are still some controls that are better suited for a mouse or trackpad. Mobile browsers tend to work a little better in this regard, but using full desktop browser on a tablet can be a chore at times.

We cover some of that experience on this week’s audio podcast, along with some discussion on Google’s big Chrome App developer push, new Chromecast channels made available recently, and explain how easy it is to replace the SSD module in an Acer C720 Chromebook. The show is available for download here or you can listen directly below.



So you took a Windows 8.1 tablet and made it a Chrome experience and found it lacking? Perhaps leave it the way it is and you will discover that IE11 is well suited for tablet web browsing.

Kevin C. Tofel

Important clarification: I found the touch experience lacking in tablet mode. Same as I do for IE in similar use cases; touch on hover menus, for example.

IE 11 is quite nice; no argument there. Unfortunately, it lacks support for the many extensions I use to work more efficiently so I’m unlikely to make the switch.

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