Moto X wood back officially teased, likely coming very soon


Credit: Alex Colon

The wood backs we saw on the Moto X(s goog) at the phone’s launch in August may be available any day now based on a teaser from Motorola. On the company’s official Google+ page on Sunday, it showed off a wood back template for the Moto X with the following comment: “Put this DIY project on hold. Trust us.”

moto x wood back template

Previously, it was unofficially leaked that the wood back option for the Moto X would become available in the fourth quarter of this year for an additional $50. As the quarter is coming to a close, that rumor is looking good. I suspect Motorola will announced the wood back option this week — that’s just a guess of course — for new Moto Maker orders.

While it would be ideal for current Moto X owners to get a wood back, it’s likely this will only be for new customers. I suppose Motorola could offer a mail-in service to send in a current Moto X for a wood back swap, but the odds are unlikely. If the company did offer it, however, I’d likely take advantage of it, even if it meant being without my Moto X for a few days. I saw the wood backs in August and they looked fantastically unique and well made.


Kevin Lee

Who cares? Is this color/material thing
substituting for innovation? I’d rather
have a microSD slot, a removable battery,
and an active digitizer.


Why would they take four months to introduce the wood backs and miss the opportunity they had before the iPhones came out. I just don’t get to tease a really cool back made of wood and to squander a distinct differentiator is really lame. Why would this take so long to get up and running? I think the execs didn’t take it serious enough until they realized how many people would be interested which put them behind on the engineering and development. Now it’s like they are slapping a piece of wood on an OLD phone!


I’d put a wooden rear panel on my old Moto X – because I’m from New England. We like things wood and we like things old. Once they offer wood choice, I’m getting in line for that reclaimed African Mahogany. beautiful.

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