Moto X wood back officially teased, likely coming very soon

Moto X wood

The wood backs we saw on the Moto X at the phone’s launch in August may be available any day now based on a teaser from Motorola. On the company’s official Google+ page on Sunday, it showed off a wood back template for the Moto X with the following comment: “Put this DIY project on hold. Trust us.”

moto x wood back template

Previously, it was unofficially leaked that the wood back option for the Moto X would become available in the fourth quarter of this year for an additional $50. As the quarter is coming to a close, that rumor is looking good. I suspect Motorola will announced the wood back option this week — that’s just a guess of course — for new Moto Maker orders.

While it would be ideal for current Moto X owners to get a wood back, it’s likely this will only be for new customers. I suppose Motorola could offer a mail-in service to send in a current Moto X for a wood back swap, but the odds are unlikely. If the company did offer it, however, I’d likely take advantage of it, even if it meant being without my Moto X for a few days. I saw the wood backs in August and they looked fantastically unique and well made.


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