Relaxed will automatically reply to social media so you can take an online break this holiday

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Credit: Relaxed

When you go on vacation you usually set an out-of-office message for your e-mail account, so why not do the same thing for social media? Instead of temporarily disabling your Facebook(s fb) or Twitter(s twtr) account, or simply letting it lie dormant while you spend some time with your friends and family, Relaxed will automatically reply to messages for you, letting people know that you’re taking a break from social media for a little while.

Brought to my attention by The Next Web, it looks like Relaxed is making a big push for Christmas right now, though it actually works all year round. You can connect it with either Facebook or Twitter. All you have to do is choose an auto reply message, or create your own, and choose the dates you want it to be active. Then voilà, you can go on vacation, or just spend a little time away from the internet, without all that mounting social media pressure.

Relaxed message

I can also imagine Relaxed might come in handy at those moments you consider deleting your social media account permanently, like when your feed becomes overrun with a barrage of photos from everyone’s holiday dinner. And while I might not be going anywhere this holiday season, the idea of a vacation from social media does sound pretty enticing.

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I can also imagine Relaxed might come in handy at those moments when thieves massive spam the sites just to find out who is off and rob the house or sell this data to clans… new business ideas arise out of idiocy.

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