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Bublcam, a 360 degree video camera, closes successful crowdfunding campaign

You’ve seen videos, 3D photos, live streaming and footage taken from a drone. But have you ever seen 3D video live streaming from a drone?

The Bublcam is a ball that shoots 3D photos and videos, and its creators at Bubl recently released a video the camera shot while hanging from a drone. It’s pretty cool; as the drone takes flight, you can pan in any direction.

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While Bublcam is the first 360-degree camera to incorporate live streaming, its real strength is its price and toughness. Today is the last day to grab one on Kickstarter, where units are available for just less than $500.

Roughly the size of a baseball, the camera shoots 14 megapixel photos and high-definition video. An included app can be used to control factors like zoom and saturation, plus browse galleries of photos and videos.

Unlike the Panono camera, which is a ball that takes 360 degree photos when it is thrown into the air, the Bublcam is better suited to being held or attached to a tripod or helmet. Bubl puts a great deal of focus on the Bublcam’s potential use for extreme sports like skydiving — an area currently dominated by GoPro cameras. The Bublcam doesn’t look quite as tough or water resistant, but at $500 it is definitely a new competitor.

Bublcam video camera

The Kickstarter campaign will be live until 3:37 a.m. PT Saturday. As of 1 p.m. today, it had raised roughly $325,000; well above the original goal of $100,000. Bubl plans to deliver the cameras to backers between February and May of next year.

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