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Amazon’s got the CIA cloud, but VMware can claim the Israeli Defense Forces

There are probably few organizations more security conscious than the Israeli Defense Forces. And now the Israeli Ministry of Defense has signed up for VMware(s vmw) vCloud Enterprise Suite to virtualize IDF data centers. The deal was pegged by the IDF’s own publication as worth “tens of millions of dollars” while Jewish Business News put the value at $27 million.

The data center work — which, some of the headlines aside, appears to be more about strict resource virtualization as opposed to cloud per se — is tied up in the IDF’s movement of bases into the Negev, the massive triangular-shaped desert area in the south.

Cloud or no cloud, it’s a bit of a coup to win work in such a security-stringent environment and can play into VMware’s promotion of its own technology as a good solution for secure and private data centers (or cloud). Amazon Web Services’ CIA cloud contract is reportedly worth $600 million over ten years.

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