Blog Post to launch its DVR for cord cutters in Europe in early 2014 (video)

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Bay Area-based digital video startup is looking to launch its DVR for cord cutters in the U.K. in March of 2014, and target continental Europe soon after. CEO Mark Ely told me during an interview Wednesday that his company aims to launch in Germany after it introduces its product in the U.K., and then bring it to France, Spain and Italy. Later in 2014, wants to introduce its DVR in Australia, New Zealand and South America. first launched a networked DVR capable of recording free broadcast HDTV and then streaming it to mobile devices and Roku boxes in the U.S. in late 2012. The company recently announced its second-generation hardware, which is being produced by SiliconDust, and will go on sale later this month. Ahead of that launch, is also going to release its very first Android app. Check out the video below for Ely giving me a quick demo of this app:

The new app experience will debut on Android first, and then find its way to iOS via an app update, and it will work with the new hardware as well as existing first-generation DVRs.

Ely told me that switched metadata providers specifically to prepare itself for markets outside of the U.S. Previous versions of’s software were based on data from Rovi, but this new version is based on data from Gracenote, (S SNE) which offers companies access to TV listings from 28 countries.

2 Responses to “ to launch its DVR for cord cutters in Europe in early 2014 (video)”

  1. I hope that after all there new DVRs for cord cutters (Simple.TV, Channel Master DVR+, and Tablo) are available, you will do a side-by-side comparison. I’d really like to think one of these would win me over, but I’ve yet to see any of them which can match on price and functionality what I already have with an old PC running Windows 7, Windows Media Center, MCEBuddy, and MediaMall Technologies’s MyMedia server and clients (Roku channel and iOS apps). From what I can tell, Channel Master DVR+ is not a whole-house DVR solution unless you add at least $75 for an external hard drive and $300 for a Slingbox to its basic $250 box, a lot more than I have invested in the old PC solution. And Simple.TV and Tablo have ongoing subscriptions costs which I don’t have with the old PC solution.

    You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to beat a homegrown solution, but I guess it is.