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Time Warner Cable broadband usage is up 40 percent this year

Thanks to a UBS note from Monday we now have some good data on broadband usage at Time Warner Cable. The investment bank issued a note saying that TWC’s CEO-designate Rob Marcus said online viewing is up (although not a replacement for pay TV), and is increasing the demand for broadband. That demand is up 40 percent year over year with an average consumption of 50 GB per month and a median of 20 GB per month. That’s driving the introduction of faster tiers, although TWC will keep usage caps at the low end to appeal to more price-sensitive subscribers.

6 Responses to “Time Warner Cable broadband usage is up 40 percent this year”

  1. Time Warner cable: the company that is anti small / medium business. Want a static IP address, then pay up big time ($25 for a static IP + the requisite business class service at consumer type bandwidths upwards of $300/month). GigaOm, shall we sing the praises of Time Warner or should we instead run some investigative journalism on this subject?

  2. Michael Elling

    Did no one notice the difference between mean and median? That’s a huge gap. Also, 20 gbytes spread out over the average 2-3 people per household isn’t that much consumption. The interesting thing to watch will be 4K streaming. Then consumption will really begin to pop and mean and median will widen further.

  3. Scott Mead

    What is the usage cap? We use between 80-90GB a month.. We no longer pay for Cable TV, we stream via Roku, subscribe to services such as Netflix. Never once been charged for going over such cap..