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Samsung ships 10 million Galaxy Note 3s; see which of its other phones have crossed the 10 million mark

Samsung on Tuesday announced that global shipments of its Galaxy Note 3 smartphone have surpassed the 10 million mark just two months after its release. That makes it the fastest moving Note device yet. Not bad for the “phablet” category, which practically didn’t exist until a couple of years ago.

But the Note 3 is just the latest device to join the ranks of Samsung’s “10 Million Seller Club.” The company posted an infographic today that dates all the way back to 2002 and the SGH-T100 flip phone, Samsung’s first mobile device to move 10 million units.

Samsung 10 million seller club

Sure, the graphic is more than a little hubristic (with a spot already saved for next year’s entry), but it’s also a fascinating look at how quickly cell phones have evolved. From flip phones and sliders through 2008, to the arrival of the touchscreen, Haptic-UI based GT-S520 Star in 2009. Android(s goog) doesn’t make its arrival until 2010, in the form of the original Galaxy S handset.

It’s a pretty steady stream of Google-powered hits from there, with every entry in the Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series reaching the coveted 10 million mark. It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the forthcoming Galaxy S 5 occupy that reserved spot on the list.

6 Responses to “Samsung ships 10 million Galaxy Note 3s; see which of its other phones have crossed the 10 million mark”

  1. Joe Belkin

    samsung shipped 800,000 of their “smartwatch.” sales are at 37,000 as researchers have estimated. So, do all samsung phones sell in the same % as shipped? maybe if samsung actually announced ACTUAL sales figures like Apple, they might be considered a real smartphone-tablet company. Jst like amazon can tell you the frisbee you ordered is on a UPs truck going 42 MPH but after 5 years cannot figure out how many kindles they have actually sold.

  2. Observer1959

    Wow this sure is a reminder of what phones looked like prior to the iPhone in 2007. I guess that’s why Samsung will be forking over a billion dollars to Apple for the borrowing of their design and functions.