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Pandora can now wake you up to the sound of music with iOS app update

Tired of waking up to the same, grating default alarm on your iPhone(s aapl) every day? Pandora’s latest update is designed to make your mornings much more pleasant, letting you set an alarm and wake up to sounds of the station of your choice.

And if you’re not ready to get up just yet, the app has a programmable snooze function that allows you to decide how long you want to wait between alarms after hitting snooze button. There’s also a sleep timer that allows you to fall asleep while listening to music, which will shut off automatically in 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Aside from that, the app features a refreshed design for iOS 7, along with some small improvements and bug fixes.

Android(s goog) users looking for similar functionality will have to wait a bit longer. Pandora said that it is working on alarm for its Android app, but didn’t say when to expect an update.

4 Responses to “Pandora can now wake you up to the sound of music with iOS app update”

  1. The only reason they did this on iOS is because of the iTunes radio. They don’t really have much of a competition on android devices, so it’s very doubtful that they will have it any time soon(probably long time before you see if at all).
    Alarm clock mode isn’t good for pandora because people usually just shut it off even before the first song is done. Pandora still has to pay for that first song, but they can’t monetize it because people don’t listen to it long enough for advertising.
    So, yeah, they were forced to do it on iOS to compete with iTunes radio. You don’t think they didn’t have the technology to do this before?? Think about it.