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New HP Chromebook 11 charger “coming soon” in Google Play Store

It’s been a few weeks since the HP Chromebook 11 was pulled from online and retail store shelves due to an issue with the charging module. Neither Google(s goog) nor HP(s hpq), which jointly decided to stop selling the laptops, have yet shared details on replacements or a recall, but there’s evidence that the solution is near: A new $19.99 charger for the HP Chromebook is showing up on the Google Play Store.

hp 11 charger new

Android Central spotted the accessory (hat tip to Craig Tumblison) which can only be found if you have the correct URL; Looking on the Accessories page of the Play Store doesn’t currently show the new power supply. It appears that owners of the device will be able to purchase a spare unit for their Chromebook 11. The new unit has the same 3A output as the original charger.

I’d like to think that all existing chargers, a few of which exhibited some overheating issues, will be recalled and replaced at no charge. Clearly, if the Chromebooks were pulled from being sold, the companies involved must at least consider that the units are defective in design. Now that an actual replacement is coming soon, I expect we’ll find out what happens for existing Chromebook 11 owners in the very near future.

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  1. I will be patient for a while, but then push for a replacement. I cannot use this laptop I bought in a school setting without safety assurance. I appreciate they pulled them early in the process rather than total denial.