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3D print extra-tall models with the Deltaprintr

“Delta” style 3D printers are among the most elegant in the 3D printing world. They’re tall, adaptable and capable of much more daring prints than their box-shaped cousins.

Right now, boxy-shaped printers like the MakerBot Replicator 2 rule in sales. But, slowly, more delta-shaped printers are cropping up. The Deltaprintr is the latest to launch on Kickstarter and, at $425 to $1200, they’re cheaper than the popular DeltaMaker that was successfully funded earlier this year.

Deltaprintr 3D printer

Like other delta machines, the Deltaprintr relies on three vertical poles to support its printer arms. The arms, which roll up and down the poles on wheels, hover over the printing platform, positioning the extruder so it can print an object. It can build objects up to a foot tall and at a competitive resolution.

Deltaprintr 3D printer

The creators are asking for $195,000 by January 4. One day in, they have raised nearly $70,000. They plan to begin shipping printers in July 2014.

At less than $1,000, the Deltaprintr is part of a new wave of inexpensive 3D printers. But its build volume is huge comparatively, making it a very interesting printer.

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