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Samsung and Fingerprint team up for kids app initiative in Asia

Parents must navigate a difficult line when deciding what, when and how to expose their children to mobile content. While it’s easy to just set Junior up in front of Angry Birds and go about errands, finding entertainment with educational value is ideal — if somewhat hampered by the fact that it’s difficult to actually measure the educational quality of apps. But according to Polygon, that’s exactly the challenge Samsung will tackle in its new program, developed in a partnership with kids app curation company Fingerprint: The Mobile Play and Learn Network for Kids.

Available to Samsung customers in Southeast Asia and Oceania starting in Q1 of 2014, the specialized app platform will curate educational apps specifically designed for children between the ages of three and seven. The press release indicates that families will be able to create a unified account — offering personalized reports and suggestions for each child that interacts with the platform.

The initiative will also focus on driving the creation of kid-friendly apps for the platform, as Fingerprint has set aside $1 million to help furnish developers keen on submitting their apps for inclusion in the Mobile Play and Learn Network for Kids launch class. Through this method, Fingerprint says that it expects to unveil 200 new gaming apps, plus 50 interactive stories in 2014 — quite a lofty goal for the fledgling platform.

While the program is still on a relatively small scale (not tackling major regions like the U.S., Europe or Japan), it does have the potential to significantly increase the quality and availability of kids apps on the Android(s goog) platform.