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Hands on with the $2,500 24-carat gold HTC One

I’ve held a lot of smartphones in my day. Expensive ones too, like the $1,800 Porsche Design P’9981 BlackBerry Bold. But today marks the day that I can finally say I’ve held a smartphone made of gold. Or at least plated in it. That’s because today I got my hands on the $2,500 24-carat gold plated HTC One.

Gold HTC One back

So how did it feel? A lot like an HTC One. The gold plating doesn’t seem to affect the weight of the phone, and it feels just as solid as the standard aluminum version. The software is exactly the same as well. There’s really nothing different between this phone and the original HTC One, aside from the fact that this one is covered in over $2,000 worth of gold.

Gold vs Silver HTC One

Physically, I was surprised by just how much the gold-plated HTC One resembles a block of cartoon gold. It’s just about the right size, and it even sparkles a little when you get it in the right lighting. A modestly gold iPhone 5s this is not.

Would I be afraid to carry it around the streets of New York City? Not really. That’s because as nice as the phone is, there’s something so bold about the color that it almost appears fake. If I saw someone carrying it I would think they were simply holding a gold colored phone – not a gold covered one.

Gold HTC One left

But even if I wanted one, they aren’t very easy to get. HTC says the phone has been valued at more than $2,500, but it isn’t selling any. You can enter this contest for a chance to win one, but other than that, there are just a few of these phones in existence. If you really want one, though, you can always order one from gold device customizer Gold Genie. Just make sure you have enough money set aside – the phone costs $2558.26.

HTC One colors

Gold HTC One bottom

Gold HTC One front

Gold HTC top

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