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Google Play Music update brings SD card support

If you use Google(s goog) Play Music, but you don’t have a ton of free space on your phone, good news: The latest update to the app now allows you to store cached music on a microSD card. According to Google’s release note description, the update adds “SD card support for offline music on KitKat (Experimental support on some older devices).”

Of course, this requires that you have a microSD card and your phone has a memory card slot, which not all do. And if you aren’t running KitKat, it might not work. But with more and more apps competing for internal storage, this is a welcome new feature.

Before this update, the only way to store cached or pinned music for offline listening was to a device’s internal storage. But many phones and tablets out there only come with 16GB of storage, with a good portion of that already eaten up by the OS and additional apps and media. Allowing you to store some music on a microSD help keeps Google Play Music a light streaming app, but it also gives listeners the option to take more tunes where their connections won’t allow.

The update is rolling out now, so it should be pushed to your device at some point in the near future or you can grab it from Google Play.

2 Responses to “Google Play Music update brings SD card support”

  1. Darren Hollander

    This is cool. I feel like google play music has really reduced my need for storage on a phone. Even though I have a library of 15k+ songs, I only ever need to store 3 or 4 albums at a time for whatever plane ride I’m about to do. Besides that I am happy to stream. I love how streaming media is reducing the need for mobile storage. I don’t feel like I’ll ever need more than 16 gigs on a phone now.