Android 4.4.1 focuses on camera improvements for Google’s Nexus 5


Nexus 5 owners who aren’t too happy with their phone’s camera should get some relief — and better pictures — soon. Android 4.4.1 addresses some of the camera software and image processing issues that are holding back the Nexus 5 from taking great images and Google(s goog) is rolling out that update in the next few days, according to The Verge.

What’s better about it? The app itself is faster overall and that includes the time it takes for auto-focus to work its magic. Look for improvements in white balance and exposure as well thanks to how quick the camera software is able to understand its surroundings to make the appropriate adjustments.

After using the new software for a day, The Verge’s verdict is that images are much better and it has a gallery of before and after shots to show the difference. My eyes see improved contrast and color saturation in the sample images and I’m looking forward to testing the faster app as soon as it comes my way.


Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for pointing out the inadvertent error; clearly I need much more coffee this morning. And we had a second set of eyes read this post, but we missed it there too. My apologies; the post is updated to make the correction. Thanks!

Prabhas Tiwari

Guys it is 4.4.1 and not 4.1.1. Its not even logical. Why would someone downgrade from KitKat to Jelly Bean?!
Before publishing an article reading from somewhere else, please proof read it at least.

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