Azendoo offers lifeline to users

I wrote about the shutdown in October (see Salesforce pulls the plug on Is Asana for Salesforce coming?) and with a deadline of getting off the platform by 31 January 2014, users need to look at the various options.

I wrote about some announced options by Sandglaz, Bitrix24, Wrike, and Zoho (see How to deal with your app shutting down: hope for a White Knight?).

Today, I learned that Azendoo, a very cool work management solution (see Azendoo is one of the first cooperative work toolsAzendoo is solving a major problem) is also offering an import of the export data. As they explain on their blog the two systems are similar, with some stylistic differences:

How does Azendoo work?

Projects in Azendoo are called Subjects. Subjects gather all of your related discussions, tasks, documents, notes, links and more. Subjects are much more than Projects. They have two areas: one private to its members only, the other open to anyone on the workspace. Tasks can be organised by when you plan to work on them (Hotlist, Planned and Someday)

Azendoo does most of the same things that Do does. Here is a mapping of the terms we’re using:

Capture d’écran 2013-12-02 à 15.08.51

Azendoo doesn’t have a concept of Contacts or Deals. We’ll import your Deals as Subjects and their info will be inserted as the description of the Subject.

They have also created a FAQ for the import, here. I didn’t go through the import, but it looks straightforward. And they handle the possible conflict when a colleague may have already imported shared data: Azendoo’s tool will only add data that has not yet been imported.