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Report: Metal Galaxy S5 body being built by the same company that supplies Apple, HTC

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After four generations of plastic, the evidence is building that Samsung might finally be using metal for the body of the Galaxy S 5. The most recent report, discovered by Phone Arena, cites Taiwan publication UDN. According to the report, Samsung has tapped Catcher Technology to produce a metal chassis for the GS 5.

Catcher Technology is the Taiwan-based aluminum and magnesium housing provider that supplied the bodies for Apple’s(s aapl) new iPad mini with retina display and the HTC One. So if this report is true, it is very good news for Samsung fans, as the iPad mini and HTC One feature some of the best builds I’ve seen.

That’s the only new information available in this report. Other than that, details remain slim, though so far the phone has been rumored to feature a 16-megapixel rear camera, 64-bit octo-core processor and a 2560 x 1440 display. An earlier rumored pegged a January announcement date, but now the spring is looking more likely.

4 Responses to “Report: Metal Galaxy S5 body being built by the same company that supplies Apple, HTC”

  1. robisinho

    I’m concerned about it a little. A plastic body conforms easily to water resistance treatments and easily houses a replaceable battery. How are they going to continue to offer these great features with an aluminum build?

  2. Laughing_Boy48

    I wonder why Samsung is moving to a metal body. The Droidboyz seem perfectly happy with plastic. It will take Samsung longer to produce the S5 due to all that CNC milling time and they might have to give up the user interchangeable battery with an all-metal back. It will certainly increase the weight of the device. It seems Samsung is giving up an awful lot just to give the S5 a more solid feel to it.