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Joyent steps up with commercial support for Node.js

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Joyent, the company that helped develop and nurture Node.js, will now offer commercial support for the popular server-side JavaScript language.

If you’re a cynic you might wonder if this is one reason a spat erupted last week between Joyent and Strongloop, a company founded specifically to offer commercial support for Node.js. Whatever. In any case, San Francisco-based Joyent announced the plan Tuesday and the support will be available starting January 2014.

Core support will cost $990 per month for most Linux OSes, Solaris, OmniOS and SmartOS shops whether they are self-hosted or run in the public cloud.

The subscription price includes access to Joyent support people for “severity one” issues, a subscription to Joyent Cloud and 10GB of Joyent Manta Object Storage as well as Node.js debugging tools.

Strongloop support options include one for $199 per developer per month or $35 per process per month. Strongloop offers support across Linux variants, MacOS and Windows.

3 Responses to “Joyent steps up with commercial support for Node.js”

  1. Shivam Surve

    One humble suggestion: Please make the link going to official website of companies mentioned instead pointing to your own article (sometimes they are many years old) about. In your article I am forced to copy the name of the company and Google it to get to official website URL. I like the GigaOM articles but this very reason of not linking is forcing me to read more at TechCrunch and Techmeme portal who offers direct link to official websites.


  2. Dirk Zondag, Jr

    Ben Wen VP of Product at Joyent quoted 9/17/2013: “Those who contribute to Node, use Node, or are evaluating Node can take comfort in knowing that we will never be the Red Hat of Node!”