Copenhagen wheel converts bikes to human-electric hybrids


Like to ride your bike but need a little boost on those steep hills?  Check out this new “Copenhagen” wheel that snaps onto the real wheel of most bikes to convert them into human-electric-powered hybrids. The wheel, born out the MIT SENSEable City Lab initiative with help from the mayor of bike-friendly Copenhagen, goes on sale Tuesday for $699 from Cambridge, Mass.-startup The goal, according to Assaf Biderman, associate director of SENSEable, is to get people to cycle more than they already do.


Mark Syme (@MarkBikeFanatic)

I hope that they have more than red as a colour option :-) It’s great to see that technology is making things simpler (or so we can hope). The market for this type of thing are not really going to be so into things that require a huge amount of setup.

Great idea and I love the fact that it retrofits!

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