Box purchases dLoop tech


Cloud storage vendor, Box, has purchased the technology behind a company called dLoop.  This technology will add more controls that give enterprises more features to protect content.

Enterprises have become increasingly interested in storage services offered by the likes of Box, Citrix Systems, Dropbox, Egnyte and EMC.  These technologies allow users to store and share content online.

Content management is a Box strength, and leveraging the dLoop technology will provide better features to better secure their place in the market.  Security and protection are important to those who manage content on storage-as-a-service providers such as Box, and it will likely become more important in the near future.  Clearly, this is the bet that Box is making.

As described in this IDG news service report, “To put in place rules that decide what users can do with content, IT staff first have to find the content, and this is where dLoop’s technology comes in. It uses machine-learning to help discover documents that are normally unreachable by search or pattern matching solutions, according to Box. Once it has integrated the dLoop technology, Box will automatically be able to find the content most relevant to enterprise administrators, the company said.”

This seems like a 1+1 equals 3 kind of deal, to use an already overused phrase.  The market is strong for general cloud storage and cloud managed content, and all indications are that it will stay that way.

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