A good reason why the Amazon drones won’t fly


As reported here on Gigaom, Amazon wants to delivery packages to you using small, autonomous drones.

“Bezos showed off the small helicopter like devices, actually octocopters, to the always credulous Charlie Rose and no doubt they are cool — although you have to wonder what could possibly go wrong. This meaty tidbit reaffirms what Gigaom’s Signe Brewster reported earlier, that consumer drones are coming and nothing screams “consumer” like Amazon’s retail services.”

As someone who has been flying model helicopters for years, and now flies multi-rotor helicopters that are smart enough to guide themselves, the notion that we’ll have these things flying around our neighborhoods anytime soon is a bit farfetched.  Not that the technology won’t work; it will.  However, everyone outside of Amazon will lose their minds over the concept.

First off, the FAA would never allow it.  They already freak out about us RC guys flying around remote fields, and have taken steps to place more restrictions on how, when, and where we fly.  I live in the DC area, and I’m grounded during times of VIP movement in the airspace, even though I don’t fly higher than 100 feet.

The thought of having 10,000 or more of these things flying around, willy-nilly, will mean some quick legal changes that outlaw the practice.  Moreover, it would be game-on, considering that not only Amazon or UPS could own and fly drones.  I want to send things to people, too!

Also, visualize good shotgun targets.  I’m just saying…

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