Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: which one to buy this holiday season

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

Xbox One vs. PS4: what you should buy

So what should you spend your money on this holiday season? It really depends on what you want from a game console. In short, if you feel like you could be classified as a “core,” “classic,” or “hardcore” gamer, then there’s more immediate satisfaction in what the PlayStation 4 offers as a console.

However, if gaming isn’t the absolute top priority — rather, a piece in a desire for a larger entertainment system — then the Xbox One may be a much more gratifying choice for its variety of controls and slick menus. Granted, the Xbox One’s TV integration and its voice control aren’t perfect yet. But Microsoft clearly has bigger ambitions for a wider variety of entertainment options than Sony, and it will add more to the console over the months and years to come.

Speaking of which: Game consoles only get major updates like this about every seven years, which means there is lots more to come for both devices. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are likely to receive 4K video support at some point, and next year, both will also get a whole lot more games.

Which brings is to our recommendation: If you’re an early adopter and want to get a feel for tomorrow’s video gaming today, by all means get the PS4, or the Xbox One, depending on where your priorities lie. But if you want to spend your money wisely, you might want to wait and see how both platforms evolve.

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