Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: which one to buy this holiday season

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

Xbox One: What the web is saying

Here are some notable Xbox One reviews from around the web:

Polygon’s Xbox One review isn’t just thorough, it’s also really pretty, and kind of makes you forget that you’re shopping for a game console and not high-end designer furniture. Here’s Polygon’s take in a nutshell:

“The Xbox One is an impressive marriage of software and hardware that raises the bar in terms of what we expect from a living-room machine. Looking forward more than it looks back, the Xbox One feels like it’s from the future.”

The Xbox One's Kinect sensor: Feels like it is from the future?

The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor: Feels like it is from the future?

Don’t feel like buying a time machine? Then you might want to stick with some more practical advice, courtesy of the folks over at Engadget, who took a detailed look at the controller as well as the Kinect and also noted some missing features:

“The Xbox One may not be exactly what Microsoft thinks it is, but it’s still a strong start for a powerful game console (…) What’s there so far is a very competent game box with an expensive camera and only a few exclusive games differentiating it from the competition.”

Ars Technica, on the other hand, isn’t too impressed with all the bells and whistles Microsoft has added to the Xbox One:

“At this point, the voice control and multitasking functions that are meant to really set the Xbox One apart are just shy of being good enough to really push the system over the top. (…)Even if those problems are smoothed out with future updates, I’m not sure if these features are worth $100…”

But there are also people who really love the Xbox One, like the folks over at Tom’s Guide:

“The $499 price tag on the Xbox One is justifiable, considering its one-box-to rule-them-all approach. When combined with a cable or satellite TV connection, the One feels like the more exciting and innovative console you’ll be using well into the next decade.”

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