Gigaom Research webinar: Affordable access to outer space drives M2M and industrial internet


If you were handed the controls to a satellite, what would you do? Track meteors, ice cream, pipelines, pharmaceuticals, a fleet of trucks, large container ships in the middle of the ocean? Practically every industrial sector company has a use case for the remote monitoring of machinery, transportation, goods and other things in hard-to-reach areas. In the past this has only been possible with  expensive satellite communications in conjunction with other obscure services. Now new nanosatellite technology is radically changing the landscape, making satellite-enabled monitoring and tracking affordable and available to everyone.

In this webinar, our panel will address these topics:

If you could access space at radically lower price points, what would you use it for? Tracking of:

  • Transportation (container ships in the ocea
  • Pipelines in politically unstable areas
  • Power plants, solar plants in the middle of the desert

How affordable are we talking?

Who are the key players? Incumbents vs. insurgents

What are the challenges to adoption?

  • Combining cellular and satellite services to pick up information, where does the integration happen? Customers want this data from one company.
  • Does the cellular industry retrench?
  • Does the incumbent satellite industry crush the new guys?

What about space debris?

Speakers include:

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