In cloud you gotta go deep, go big or go home

Jared Wray, CTO of cloud for CenturyLink.
Jared Wray, CTO of cloud for CenturyLink.

This week we wonder what’s up with Joyent and a few other privately-held cloud companies. Must they get bought or go the way of the do-do bird?

Our guest Jared Wray, formerly CTO of Tier 3, has a theory on this. As a cloud provider, he noted, you really need to find your niche and capitalize on it (as he said Virtustream or Tier 3 do) or get really, (REALLY) big via M&A. Or go away. Of course his company just got acquired by CenturyLink(s ctl), so there’s that.

On the flip side, as I have to keep reminding myself, we’re still very, very early in cloud so maybe the pie really is big enough for all.

But to kick things off, Derrick Harris and I — neither particularly known for our magnanimity — give thanks for the companies and personalities that make our jobs fun.

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Hosts: Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris


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