Google’s in trouble over its unified privacy policy again, this time in the Netherlands

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Just days after a Berlin court decided Google(s goog)’s privacy policy and terms of use were too vague, the Dutch data protection authority has done much the same. In a Thursday statement, the the watchdog’s chairman, Jacob Kohnstamm, said the U.S. firm didn’t give users any option or much transparency when it comes to combining their data from different Google services: “Google spins an invisible web of our personal data, without our consent. And that is forbidden by law.” The company will now need to attend a hearing, after which the privacy regulator will decide whether to take enforcement measures.

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Yes we all know about the game that Google plays with personal info of its users. Why don’t we stop it’s evil deeds by using safe search engines like duckduckgo,, Startpage where you can feel secured.

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