Nokia doubles down on a popular Windows Phone with the Lumia 525

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Recent reports indicate the best selling Windows Phone is Nokia’s Lumia 520(s nok). If true, it makes sense why Nokia is launching the Lumia 525 as a successor. The only change in this model appears to be a doubling of memory from 512 MB to 1 GB, allowing more apps to run simultaneously. The handset will also support interchangeable covers in different colors. To keep costs down, the handset uses an older but still capable 1GHz Snapdragon(s qcom) S4 processor, 8 GB of internal storage an 800 x 480 resolution 4-inch touchscreen and support for 21 Mbps HSPA+ networks in lieu of LTE.

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Dale Kelley

Perfect, this will actually fix my biggest complaint about this phone. It’s nearly as responsive as my HTC 8X. I’m just miffed that I can’t get the same browsing or app experience. IE limits you to 6 tabs, on top of that it will reload them if you have more than 1 tab in memory while other apps have been used. If you only use ie, you’re still limited to two or three actual tabs staying loaded on the device. Go over those secret limits and the device has to download the site again. Why couldn’t it just use the onboard storage as a cache to hold the data there if it needs more physical memory? It should work just like linux swap or windows virtual memory instead of wasting data and time.

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