Want a touchscreen Chromebook for less than a Pixel? Acer’s $299 C720 fits the bill


Acer continues to round out its Chromebook C720 lineup, announcing on Tuesday its new touchscreen model for $299. That’s a far lower price than the other touchscreen Chromebook currently available: Google’s(s goog) Chromebook Pixel starts at $1,299. Of course, you don’t get the Pixel experience with the C720: It uses an 11.6 inch 1366 x 768 resolution screen, for example. Acer says the new C720 touchscreen model runs on the same Intel(s intc) Celeron as the other C720 devices, meaning it should offer similar battery life of around 7.5 hours. The device, available in early December from Best Buy(s bbuy) and Acer directly includes 32 GB of internal flash storage and 2 GB of memory.



Unless the physical keyboard is detachable so you can use it as both a tablet and a laptop, I don’t really see the need or the point to having a touchscreen Chromebook.


i would like a chromebook somewhere between the pixel and everything else, but a touchscreen is not really what i am looking for. the ideal machine for me would be something with the pixel build quality minus the touchscreen and perhaps a drop to an i3 cpu if that would cut the price down. i simply do not desire the touchscreen and can not see the benefit of an i5 over an i3 for chromeOS.

Scott Gibbs, Author

I agree. I would much rather see a $300 Chromebook with a great (non-touch) display. I have the Samsung Chromebook and while I love it the display is by far its biggest drawback. Acer and others should be concentrating on making an affordable Chromebook with a stunning display. It doesn’t have to be as good as the Pixel, just make it better. All I want in a Chromebook is a really comfortable keyboard and a really nice looking display. I’m even fine with the Samsung’s hardware. I don’t open dozens of tabs at once so the performance is just fine for me. Better display! :)

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