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Role of fiber operators in NSA surveillance scandal falls under greater scrutiny

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The New York Times has published further details of an NSA operation that involves spying on the fiberoptic cables running between the data centers of companies such as Google(s goog) and Yahoo(s yhoo). The piece highlights the role played by Level 3, the company that runs such cables for Google and Yahoo. Level 3 has already been identified as one of the telecommunications firms working with the UK’s NSA partner, GCHQ. These fiber connections are crucial to the affair, as they may provide a way for the NSA and GCHQ to effectively tap into major web firms’ systems without their cooperation.

4 Responses to “Role of fiber operators in NSA surveillance scandal falls under greater scrutiny”

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    • I’ve seen guys like you posting in nearly every NSA article.

      Interesting method of discrediting the discussion – act like a schizophrenic with delusions of stalking. You should try visiting some sites run by actual schizophrenics though – your typing is far too well-ordered to pass yourself off as one of them.

      You should bring it up with the others in your group at Fort Meade during your next duty shift. ;)