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Doh! Amazon continues to lead all IT rivals combined in cloud

Despite increased competition from IBM(s ibm) with its new SoftLayer franchise and other players, Amazon(s amzn) Web Services continues to lead the combined pack in cloud revenue, according to new Synergy Research Group numbers. The figures, which combine Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service revenues in one big bucket, showed AWS grew a whopping 55 percent in an overall market that grew 46 percent.

Once again, revenue from AWS  alone was bigger than that of all the listed competitors combined although all the major vendors showed growth.

Here are some caveats:  Accounting for cloud revenue (let alone profit) is an extremely slippery business, since none of the big companies make it easy for outside number crunchers. Also, figuring out a dividing line between IaaS and PaaS is another world of hurt. But here’s what Synergy came up with:

IaaS PaaS Q313 release

By Synergy’s measure, total IaaS/PaaS revenues for the quarter passed $2.5 billion with IaaS making up 64 percent of the total. Within IaaS alone, AWS accounted for 35 percent of the market; IBM 7 percent; and “everyone else” less than 3 percent each. In PaaS,–with its and Heroku soon to be joined by Heroku1–had an 18 percent share; AWS 17 percent; Microsoft 14 percent; Google 13 percent; and everyone else less than 5 percent each. 

There are some pretty bold-faced names missing. It’s probably not a huge deal that most of the OpenStack vendors don’t show up, but is it surprising that Rackspace(s rax) once again did not make the cut? I don’t know. I’m just glad someone’s willing to take a stab at this sticky calculation.

For comparison purposes, here’s the Synergy chart (minus from the second quarter.

Synergy Research IaaS revenue

Note: This story was updated at 2:48 p.m. PT to reflect that while AWS still leads all comers in overall IaaS/PaaS revenue according to Synergy Research, all the leading players tracked also showed growth.

7 Responses to “Doh! Amazon continues to lead all IT rivals combined in cloud”

  1. While saying there is much stronger impetus for AWS than other providers. 2013 has really been a tipping point. We still hear plenty of interest in rival’s, but AWS is fiercely the superior vendor.

    Thanks for the interesting read

  2. Evan Powell

    Another headline could be: Amazon loosing lead on other public cloud alternatives.

    The lead would be: Other public cloud alternatives growing at 63% whereas Amazon is growing roughly 20% less quickly, at 51%.

    The reference to OpenStack is a non sequitur. OpenStack is starting to dominate private clouds. The story is about public cloud.

      • aaronklein14

        Not sure where you get the idea that the AWS lead is diminishing?

        “The figures, which combine Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service revenues in one big bucket, showed AWS grew a whopping 55 percent in an overall market that grew 46 percent.”

        This would indicate that AWS is actually increasing, not decreasing market share (i.e. if total market rev 2012 were 1000 and AWS was 600 (so AWS is 60%) total market rev now would be 1460 and AWS would be 930 (so AWS is now 63.7%). )