Black Friday deal: Two HP Chromebook 14 options for $100 off or more


We still have a few days to wait for Black Friday ads to appear, however the details of those details are leaking out. And those looking to buy an HP(s hpq) Chromebook 14 will have at least two money-saving options.

Staples(s spls) may have the sweetest deal: It will sell the Chromebook for $179.

Staples Chromebook 14

Meanwhile, Best Buy(s bbuy) will be selling the $299 edition of HP’s Chromebook 14 for $199 while including a $30 Google Play Credit.

Best Buy Chromebook 14

Both devices use the same Intel(s intc) Celeron chip and come with 16 GB of flash storage and 100 GB of free Google Drive storage.

This post was updated at 12:32pm to remove mention of the Intel Haswell chips as these Chromebooks appear to use the prior generation chip.



I think $179 is a good price for the Pavilion. It’s a pretty decent Chromebook; about the only real negative is a short battery life (3h45m).


Chromebooks are actually really well designed. I like them and will be purchasing mine soon

Allison Bland

This computer is not called the HP Chromebook 14. This is very misleading… This it the HP Pavillion Chromebook that happens to be 14 inches. The HP Chromebook 14 does not even come in black – it’s white, red/orange or teal. I think someone looking for the HP Chromebook 14 would be very disappointed to accidentally buy last year’s model.


Are you certain that both of these are the current Haswell model and not the old “Pavilion” model? I didn’t think the current model came in black.

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