workZeit and the dream of work culture matchmaking


Who wouldn’t like to know in advance is a company was a good fit? Or vice versa: companies certainly try to find out as much as is practical (and legal) about candidates in advance of making them offers for employment.

I’ve written about (see says I am a Dreamer, and GigaOM is a Mountaineering Expedition), a startup helps people fit a company fit based on determing what archetype they are most like, and what achetypal companies they would be happy with. Turns out says I am a Dreamer, and GigaOM is a Mountaineering Expedition, which is not a bad fit. Accenture apparently would be bad.

I found out about another competitor in the work culture matchmaking space, workZeit. I filled in the q&a and learned that I am Novel and Systematic, which isn’t as fun or simple as Dreamer, but the characterization is fairly dead on:

You quickly and readily absorb new concepts, never hesitant to learn more. Your intense curiosity of the world leaves you ready to try anything, and you are likely to gain a wide array of talents as time goes on. You can be incredible at taking advantage of opportunity, as you quickly understand the potential of these opportunities as they are presented. You possess the ability to stop everything at the drop of a hat to pursue a new venture, though not always responsibly. You enjoy experimenting and trying new things; some will enjoy your company very much because you are unlikely to say no to trying something new. In emergency situations, you are among the few that respond quickly and sensibly. Fear does not apply in the same way to you as it does to others, as the unknown is exciting as opposed to frightening. You possess the ability to destroy order and generate reform from the destruction. This is part of what makes you an amazing leader. You can dismantle an organization that was operating incorrectly or unethically and create a new entity from scratch that does everything right (from your perspective). You are best in leadership positions where you play an overarching role in developing new ventures across many different fields, with experts in each field to execute and guide your plans.

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However, aside from characterizing me as the Man With No Fear, I am not sure how well this lines up with cultural values. For example, the description doesn’t make clear that I want to work in a place that values autonomy. I honestly care less about company size or dress code that issues like that.

And sadly the second part of the app — lining me up with companies — just doesn’t do anything. I just get spinning balls and the message that I haven’t applied to any companies yet.

I was hoping to see profiles like this for well-known companies:

Screenshot 2013-11-23 13.11.23


I did find out that I would be a bad fit at workZeit, at least for the Front End Developer & Designer spot they are advertising:

Screenshot 2013-11-23 13.17.13

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