An AFA/ contagion?


More seems to come out every day on the extent of the issues with the implementation of the website as part of the Affordable Care Act. But as reported in a column this week, healthcare IT expert Scot Silverstein, MD, recounts that similarly horrific stories are emerging with some AFA-required Electronic Health Records (HER) implementations. He uses the University of Arizona Health System as an example:

As Silverstein reports, upwards of $100 million was spent on EHR, which could have financed an entire new wing to the facility.  As the University’s own internal website devoted to EHR proclaims, “We’ve resolved 6,036 issues and have 3,517 open issues.”  Scot continues…

“These issues are in a supposedly mature product for which this organization has spent enormous sums of money, that has undergone ‘innovation’ for several decades now.  Many of the ‘issues’ reduce patient safety, and could or already may have resulted in patient harm.  Such items include pharmacy medication mapping errors, microbiology results mapping incorrectly, and errors transmitting prescriptions.”…

It is little wonder that so many systems integrators have targeted health care as a strategic vertical. (More Gigaom Research on healthcare IT at

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