New judges could give a net neutrality appeal a fighting chance

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Any day now the DC Circuit Court is expected to rule on Verizon’s case against the FCC’s open internet order — the network neutrality rules. Most analysts expect the court to reverse many parts of the FCC’s order, which would be a devastating blow to consumers and tech firms. But Stifel Nicolaus, a DC investment bank, notes that the expected confirmation for three new Democratic appointees to the D.C. Circuit Court will give the FCC a better chance of winning if it appeals the decision the current 3-judge panel makes. Which basically means more waiting.

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If things start to go Verizon’s way, how about getting the owners of the content, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google involved in defending the net neutrality rules? They are the owners of the content and I don’t think that they would want ISPs like Verizon to sell it without their permission, so I think that they would be willing to help protest Verizon’s proposal.

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