Motorola Assist gets smarter, available in the Play Store

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Motorola(s goog) has pulled one of the default applications from its newest handsets out of the firmware and made it available on the Google Play Store. Called Motorola Assist, the software lets the phone behave differently based on the time of day or current activity. It’s one of my favorite features of the Moto X and now that it’s available in the Play Store, Motorola can update it on a more regular basis instead of waiting for an Android update pushed through network operators.

In fact, Motorola added a feature with the debut of the app in the Play Store. Instead of canned quick reply messages for when you’re driving and a call comes in, you can now customize the text replay. You can also customize your reply when in a meeting: The phone knows you’re unavailable due to your calendar.

Moto Assist

Over the years I’ve seen a number of apps that are similar to Motorola Assist. But I haven’t seen one as integrated into the native phone experience as this. That’s why I prefer the Moto X over newer, more “powerful” handsets; features such as Motorola Assist make the phone appear more intelligent and useful. It taps the on-device data as well as contextual information — where I am, if I’m moving, etc… — and behaves accordingly.

Unfortunately, only the Moto X and Droid Ultra phones are compatible with Motorola Assist, so device availability hasn’t expanded. I doubt it will; the current app and future updates make these phones stand out a bit from the crowd.

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