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Fun facts about Stack Overflow, its workloads and what runs them

Developers love Stack Overflow, which many characterize as the go-to site for any sort of programming question, or even just a place to chat. In a new blog post Nick Craver, a self-described “developer, Sysadmin and sometimes DBA” with the site, shares some factoids about the popular service.

Here are a few stats, gathered during a single 24-hour period on November 12.

  • 148,084,883 HTTP requests to load balancer
  • 36,095,312 of those were page loads
  • 833,992,982,627 bytes (776 GB) of HTTP traffic sent
  • 286,574,644,032 bytes (267 GB) total received
  • 1,125,992,557,312 bytes (1,048 GB) total sent
  • 334,572,103 SQL Queries (from HTTP requests alone)
  • 412,865,051 Redis hits

As for infrastructure — Stack Overflow uses quite a bit from Microsoft(s msft) including SQL Server databases and IIS web server and then Redis key value store, elasticsearch servers, HAProxy load balancers, Cisco Nexus 5596 switches with Fabric Extenders and 3945 Routers. But, really, check out the post  yourself for more detail.

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