Apple now selling unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 5s


Apple(s aapl) on Friday introduced a SIM-free, unlocked iPhone 5s to its U.S. online store. Of course, this has also been available since day one, in the form of an unlocked phone that ships with a T-Mobile(s tmus) SIM card — simply pop the T-Mobile SIM out and pop another one in. This latest version ships with no SIM at all, allowing you to insert one for your GSM-compatible operator of choice. The phone starts at $649 for a 16GB model, which is the same price as the T-Mobile version. And you might want to buy that T-Mobile version anyway – the SIM-free phone shows an estimated 1-2 week wait to ship, while the T-Mobile model takes just 3-5 days.



this is ridiculous. the non-carrier generic phone should always be the first one to hit the market. it really about apple making a statement of who they cater too. releasing the unlocked/generic phone first would show they consider their customers first and always before the carriers. it a statement i would like from apple.

i really wish other manufactures such as samsung and lg would start selling generic(without carrier branding) unlocked phones the USA. these are popular around the world and carry a significant resale value premium over carrier co-branded handsets.

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