Tesla sets customer satisfaction record


Despite Tesla’s bumpy ride these past few weeks, the company got a bit of good news this week. It now holds the highest score in Consumer Reports’ history of polling customer satisfaction. The Model S scored a 99 out a 100. The Porsche Boxster scored a 95 in second place and the Chevy Volt also made a nice show with a 91.

What’s impressive about Tesla is just how tightly the company has bonded with its customers, such that after the recent Tennessee Model S fire that grabbed headlines, the car owner promptly said he’d buy another Model S. I’ve said it before but it’s reminiscent of early Apple fanboy behavior, and is one of multiple reasons I remain bullish on the company.

My question is whether when a mid-market car comes out, it’ll be able to maintain the same sort of marketing bond it’s had with its higher end customers. It’s quite possible, particularly since the technology is next generation and it has little competition right now. But we’re also likely to see a larger pool of customers, ones who haven’t been waiting years for an EV and who are just trying out an EV because they like the car itself. Those customers are critical to Tesla’s future and the company is going to have to reach them.

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