Now your HBO GO content can go farther: Chromecast support arrives


Last week’s rumors of Chromecast support for the HBO GO app are this week’s reality: The app for both iOS(s aapl) and Android(s goog) now supports wireless streaming of HBO Go content from a mobile device to Google’s $35 Chromecast dongle. In a blog post announcing the feature, Google says you can also Chromecast HBO GO from a Chrome browser window. I’d opt for ‘casting from a smartphone or tablet though: Those methods actually cause the stream to come from the cloud. Chromecasting from a browser tab uses a peer-to-peer type stream and is dependent on your computer’s resources, meaning the quality may not be as good.


Donnita M Ackley

I have Chromecast on my living room and kitchen TVs. I have the HBO Go app on my Android phone. I am a Comcast subscriber who has been very frustrated that I can’t watch HBO Go on my smart TV. Well this finally works. I have enjoyed at least 20 movies since this setup became available! But that is not going to stop me from continuing to ask Comcast why they don’t allow us to access HBO Go from our smart TV’s

DJ Korprit

I just got my chromecast and can cast everything but HBO GO. it says I need an extension. How do I get one? I downloaded chrome n search for extension but it says it won’t work with my OS. I have the latest hbo go n brand new Kindle fire hd. I got a website from someone where I can get chrome app n chromecast and a bunch other apps for free. Someone help me. Thanks.

David Gansauer

Sorry the last question was a little cryptic, I have Chrome Cast on my TV, and the App on my iPhone along with HBO Go app. It will not cast to the TV, appears to get stuck loading.

David Gansauer

I have Chrome Cast on mu IPhone, but I can not get it to cast to the TV, it just gets stuck loading. Would you know what may be causing that issue?


Just got the Chromecast yesterday. Watched an HBO GO movie last night (Directv HBO subscriber). Tried to watch tonight, nothing. Every other Chromecast channel works. Directv must have shut me off. I will uninstall Chromecast, updated and try again, but I think DTV screwed me again.

Pinto loco

Ok this devices is good when you don’t have cable or satellite dish


Will this work with Comcast HBO subscriptions?….. or will it be blocked like the Roku?

Apple TV and XBOX (with gold account) are the only devices I know of that allow streaming to your Television if you have HBO through Comcast.

Fingers crossed.


Did Directv block hbogo access on chromecast? I have the new update but no chromecast button.


I have the same problem. I do not see a cast button when I launch an HBO movie.

virtualCable TV

There is nothing of value to any of us but subsidizing the generation of billions of dollars in revenue out of our own pockets for companies that dictate to us and will not even allow any of us to develop our own businesses to earn our own revenue.

Think about it.

Aaron Berlin

This reads as though you’ll be able to cast from the video itself, not the Chrome extension, the same way you can currently with Youtube videos and movies on Netflix. So in both instances, it would be coming from the cloud. I don’t see any evidence of that yet, though.

Eddie Joseph

this article is pretty much useless without discussing whether the Chromecast HBO GO will require a subscription from a cable provider – THAT’S THE ISSUE.

Kevin C. Tofel

Nothing has changed in that regard; this news was announced by Google. HBO would be the likely source if they changed their terms for HBO GO.

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