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The Chrome Show: A less-expensive touchscreen Chromebook is on the way

Looks like there indeed is a touchscreen Chromebook(s goog) joining the Pixel and it won’t cost nearly as much. A variant of the Acer C720 appeared on Amazon’s site in France and it includes the touchable web. We also cover what’s new in the latest beta version of Chrome OS and offer up a Powerwash tip for when there’s no Powerwash option showing on your Chromebook or Chromebox.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht and Kevin C. Tofel


There is an Acer Chromebook with a touchscreen after all!

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3 Responses to “The Chrome Show: A less-expensive touchscreen Chromebook is on the way”

  1. ever since the original hexxeh build i have been expecting a day to come where there are several ‘chromium OS’ projects that allow custom spins to be installed on legacy hardware. this just seems so much in the spirit of linux as whole, the variety of chrome browser derivatives and the whole custom rom community. yet there seems to be little interest in building custom chromeOS based distros. i actually though lots of people would be bringing back to life old WinXP desktops and laptops with such distros, as they would be better suited for non-sophisticated users who just need to get online than the full blown linux distros available. i would love to see a chrome OS for old computers that is as easy to install and use as ubuntu complete with drivers for nearly any old hardware.

    any thoughts on this? will the day ever come?