Remotte wants to help you control Google Glass (and other connected devices too)


Google Glass already has a few input methods: You can speak to Glass or use the side touchpad to navigate around. Does it need another? A team of developers think so, which is why they debuted the Remotte on Kickstarter. The project started up on Wednesday and hopes to raise $70,000 to bring its Google Glass remote control to market.

I’ve used Google Glass for the past several weeks and the first thought I had when hearing about the Remotte was, “Why?” After thinking it through, I actually do see some use-cases where a remote control for Glass could be helpful. Perhaps you’re wearing Glass in a place where silence is golden: I wouldn’t want to speak voice commands in a library or certain other public places, for example. Sure, I could tap the side touchpad, but there are times when it would just be easier to tap a remote control in my pocket. It would look less obtrusive as well.

But Remotte may not just be limited to Google Glass. Take a look at this explanatory video that shows some other potential uses for computers, cameras and other connected devices.

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Remotte includes many of the same sensors and inputs as Glass — think a gyroscope, accelerometer, buttons, LED lights and  a touchpad — so it could be adopted to a number of devices:

“Using Remotte is simple. It works “natively” and on most of your devices there’s no need to download any application. You can use it as a “remote trigger ” for your mobile camera and be there in your family photo. You can also amaze your friends making videos of a sunset in “time lapse” or special effects using the “stop motion” and of course run your favorite music player, advance your presentation slides or whatever comes to mind … You can also use Remotte in games and other compatible applications specifically created by developers.”

Some of these non-Glass uses will depend on developers of course. But even if those uses never appear, I see some potential just to remote control Google Glass. For as little as $49 during the early bird special, I just may back it.


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